Episode 68: When Western Medicine Failed: Elissa Goodman’s Path to Health

January 9, 2024

In this episode, we welcome famed holistic nutritionist and lifestyle cleanse expert Elissa Goodman. Renowned for her deep understanding of holistic wellness and lifestyle choices, Elissa explores the intricate connection between our emotional state and physical health. She unveils her personal journey of overcoming significant health challenges like cancer, Hashimoto’s disease, and celiac disease, primarily using holistic methods after an initial misdiagnosis.

Elissa sheds light on the essential role of hydration, self-love, and resilience in ensuring overall health. She shares her experience with crafting successful health programs, such as the ‘soup cleanse,’ emphasizing the importance of dietary management, from adequate hydration to balanced vitamin intake.

Through her soup cleanse business and online reset programs, Elissa has positively influenced countless lives by helping them improve their health.

Recognized widely for her remarkable journey and featured in prominent media outlets like Goop, Huffington Post, ABC, Elissa’s credibility is irrefutable. With a clientele that includes celebrities like Maria Menounos and Christina Applegate, she offers an authoritative perspective and invaluable insights.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover the power of holistic nutrition and wellness for a balanced lifestyle.
  • Learn how to nurture emotional well-being for improved physical health.
  • Embrace self-love and self-care as crucial elements of overall well-being.
  • Unlock the benefits of comprehensive blood testing for proactive health management.
  • Explore the impact of nutrition and lifestyle choices on your well-being.

About Elissa:

Elissa Goodman is a holistic nutritionist, lifestyle cleanse expert, and creator of four food-based cleanse programs in Los Angeles. These include her S.O.U.P and 7-Day RESET Cleanse, M Cafe’s RESET, and Cafe Gratitude’s original I AM RENEWED cleanse. Elissa firmly believes that proper nourishment, gut-focused healing, and a daily renewal practice form the pillars of optimal living.

She has worked with individuals eager to transform their bodies but lacked the nutritional knowledge to match their fitness goals. After triumphing over cancer by cleansing her body, Elissa dedicated her life to helping others purge toxins and live confidently in a healthy body achievable by all.

Beyond the physical transformations, Elissa guarantees that clients will leave each session feeling energized and excited to begin thriving, thus forming the “Elissa Goodman Guarantee.” She is the author of “Cancer Hacks” and her new book, Pro-Aging Hacks will be released soon. 

Connect with Elissa:

Web https://elissagoodman.com/

FB https://www.facebook.com/elissa.goodman.holistic.nutritionist

IG https://www.instagram.com/elissagoodman/

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