How do you rebuild when life blindsides you? Toni Hill is the mother to a beautiful six-year-old, a loan officer and Team Leader at Movement Mortgage, and an unexpected divorcée.

Toni and I talk about how her life was turned upside down when her now ex-husband blindsided her with divorce and how she found herself in a dark time in her life. Toni uprooted her life to follow her husband from Pennsylvania to Virginia. She quickly embraced her new life and her husband’s family and friends. But when her husband announced their separation, everyone connected to her husband quickly abandoned her. With her own family and friends far away and her life shattered, she had to build a new life on her own bravely.

This episode is about bravely course-correcting when life blindsides you and rebuilding yourself, your relationships, and your community of support.

Toni Hill is a loan officer and team leader at Movement Mortgage. She is the divorced mom of a six-year-old daughter and lives in Ashburn, Virginia.