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Unleash Your Podcast Potential with the Podcast and Social Media Mastery Journey

Hey Everyone!
Kristina Driscoll

My name is Kristina Driscoll, host of the She’s Brave Podcast. I launched my podcast in January of 2023 and by May I discovered that I was in the TOP 2.5% globally of all podcasts!

In the following Fall, I taught my first 8-week course on how to get into the top 2.5% globally within 10 weeks. In 8 weeks many of my students are in the top 10 to 5% already! You’ll be hearing from some of them in the upcoming course.

Discover the 3 Vital Components to Reach the Top 2.5% in Just 6 Months – Exclusively for Podcasters Ready to Soar!

Are you a budding podcaster dreaming of setting the podcast world on fire? It’s time to turn that spark into a blazing success! Let Kristina Driscoll, host of the globally renowned She’s Brave Podcast, guide you on an empowering 10-week course designed specifically for new podcasters like you.

With the Podcast Mastery Journey, you’ll uncover powerful secrets that propelled Kristina to the top 2% of podcasts globally. Now, she’s on a mission to unlock your full podcasting potential!

But it’s SO Much More than Podcasting!

I’m also teaming up with social media sensation LaNia Roberts, who’s joining as a co-instructor for our upcoming podcast class! With her expert knowledge and a following of over 350k on Instagram and TikTok, she’ll help you boost your social media presence and elevate your podcast to star status.

Key Benefits to Set You Up for Unstoppable Success:

  • Master the art of selecting your perfect podcast topic
  • Choose a captivating podcast name that grabs attention
  • Expertly craft your podcast trailer with step-by-step instructions
  • Boost your interview skills with tips, tricks, and best practices
  • Get noticed with irresistible Reels and short-form videos
  • Learn from the best with 2-hour weekly live sessions
  • Connect, thrive and enjoy continuous support within our private Facebook group
  • And so much more!

Exclusive Bonuses for the Ultimate Podcasting Adventure:

  • Bonus expert guest sessions to elevate your podcast game
  • Intimate Pod texting groups for daily celebrations and motivation
  • Register now for the February 15th class for only $222!

Invest in your future podcast domination today. Whether you’re starting your podcast journey or leveling up your existing podcast, this transformative experience will shatter your limits and reveal your untapped potential.

Don’t miss your chance to elevate your podcast skills with Kristina and Allison Santana, the technical prodigy behind the curtain. Together, they’ll guide you to unleash your power, conquering your podcast world and beyond.

If you’re truly serious about your podcast dreams, don’t let them slip away. Podcast Mastery Journey is your golden ticket to the top. Class begins February 15, 2024, at 10:00 am PST!

Remember, spaces are limited to 99 attendees – so claim your spot today for just $555 and embark on a mastery journey that will change your podcasting life forever!