How do you learn to live life to the fullest? In this episode, I’m talking with fellow brave woman and podcast host Michelle Corrigan Rios. She is a motivational speaker, award-winning communications leader and writer.

Michelle talks about getting over perfectionism, listening to her inner voice, and her discovery that all of her external achievements were only leading to temporary happiness. After spending some time away from work to travel and reconnect with her spirituality, Michelle realized that she was being called to live life differently. This episode is about growth, courage to make changes, and how joy is found within.

Michelle Rios is a sought-after motivational speaker, award-winning communications leader & writer, and corporate executive. In her more than 25-year career, she has coached CEOs and individuals alike to optimize their performance, enhance team engagement, and live their best lives. Her latest role is the host of the Live Your Extraordinary Life podcast. When not public speaking, podcasting, or traveling, Michelle enjoys spending time at home in northern Virginia with her husband, 15-year-old son, and two Great Pyrenees dogs.