Episode 9: Unlocking Her Deeply Funny Soul with Kristen Yaney

February 1, 2023

Do you take yourself too seriously? My guest Kristen Yaney is a writer, a poet, author, comedian and the Host of the Deeply Funny podcast. She learned to laugh at herself and stop taking herself so seriously and freed herself from being stuck in her own old patterns.

Kristen and I talk about her choice to be brave in the comedy arena and rather than focus on the common practice of self-deprecating humor and dragging your flaws through the mud, she focuses on material that comes from a purer place; a heart-centered place. She shares her own funny voice and holds space for others to also express their creativity in a positive way.

This episode is about learning to not take ourselves too seriously, and about sharing in a sense of humor that comes from a place of kindness, love and generosity. It’s also about consciously shining the spotlight on others so they can express their creativity and ‘do the thing’ that lights up their heart!

Kristen Yaney, writer, poet, author, comedian, and host of Deeply Funny podcast. Her weekly episodes feature comedic interviews and heart-centered conversations focused on unlocking Creative Self-Expression. After a 15+ year career as a food scientist, she hung up her lab coat and founded her small business in 2019, Royal Giftings: an online gift box & subscription service featuring custom and curated gift boxes, celebrating the love of our friends.

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