November 28, 2023

Let your soul be soothed by the calming voice of Karen Olsen Hall, host of the empowering podcast, The Hero Within Podcast. She and Kristina bring story after story, little win after big win of reasons why one must never give up on oneself, no matter what the circumstances want us to believe. Being born 2 ½ months premature and presumed not to survive, adversity began at birth for Karen. So did the grit! Due to her prematurity, her nervous system didn’t develop properly, leaving her incapable of regulating her emotions and feeling things very deeply. She became an empath…her mother became her biggest cheerleader! When she was terrified of something, her mother counteracted that by encouraging her to do something that would tackle that fear and push her out of that comfort zone. This and her relationship with God developed throughout her childhood and teenage years and has laid the foundation for the path that led to her career. Today, she lovingly coaches people through turning their adversity into purpose and helping them thrive beyond their pain.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Identify grit and resilience within yourself
  • Understand that what someone else days DOES NOT determine your truth!
  • Know that EVERYONE is meant to thrive!
  • Realize that sensitivity DOES NOT equal weakness!
  • Understand that doing the brave thing often means leaning into your fears
  • Accept that growth and change is a lifelong process
  • Listen to that spark…that light inside of you! It’ll guide you through the unknown of your life.
  • Keep going, no matter what! Keep getting up, no matter how hard you get knocked down!

About Karen

Karen absolutely loves helping people!  She has always been a nurturer, which led her to become a registered dietitian and to volunteer and serve for years helping others in need. For decades, she had been life coaching on health, wellness, nutrition, weight loss, and lactation. But then she decided that her real love was coaching on parenting, nervous system regulation, and relationships. Having experienced adversity and loss in her own life, she wanted to share the things she learned and help others avoid suffering the way she did. As a result of her direct training and certification as a life coach with Marianne Williamson, she helps others feel empowered to transform their pain into purpose. She has also completed additional advanced training in life coaching and emotional intelligence. What she loves most about her job is helping people achieve clarity, gain confidence, and feel empowered to transcend pain into purpose and return to a place of love.

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