Episode 61: WINNING THE BATTLE with Social Media Influencer, LaNia Roberts

November 22, 2023

With now 300K+ social media followers and counting, artist and influencer, LaNia Roberts, brings her inspirational spirit to Kristina’s doorstep once more! In this interview, they tackle the scarcity mindset and tools to overcome it, how to have and KEEP a growth mindset, how to give yourself permission to acknowledge how far you’ve come, and regression as being a part of growth. Thank you for continuing to join us on this ongoing unpacking and journey where we reveal the ebbs and flows of learning and growing into one’s greatest self.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Identify if there has been growth in your life
  • If you are have a growth or scarcity mindset and what to do about it
  • Learn how to give yourself permission to acknowledge the personal work you have done
  • Understand the courage it takes to unpack your experiences and know that you will greatly benefit from it
  • Have the courage to let go of things and people that might be keeping you in a scarcity mindset
  • Understand just how your inner narrative impacts your mindset which creates your outer world, in other words, “Believe in it to achieve it”!
  • Let go of control to make space for what you truly want.
  • Be accepting of the unknown because it is here where we meet our heart’s desires

About LaNia

LaNia Roberts, born in 1996 and hailing from Louisville, KY, discovered a profound means of self-expression in visual art amidst her early struggle with identity. Supported by numerous scholarships as a first-generation college student, she obtained a degree in Painting at Syracuse University’s Visual and Performing Arts School in 2019. During this time, LaNia also traveled to over 12 countries across three continents, furthering her already broadening horizons. Presently, she resides in Louisville, KY, fully engaged as a professional artist. Her practice has also expanded into an online-based social art practice, empowering millions worldwide to embody radical self-compassion, love, and acceptance, with over 270,000+ followers between Instagram and TikTok. Most notably, her artistic endeavors have garnered her the representation of the esteemed Claire Oliver Gallery in Harlem, New York City.

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