Episode 60: HOLD THE LINE! TALKING BOUNDARIES with Susie Pettit

November 15, 2023

Learn all about boundaries and the vitality of them with certified life and wellness coach, Susie Pettit. Host of the podcast, Love Your Life Show, owner of The Wellness Company and Strength, Mind and Body, LLC, and Founder of the Love Your Life School, she has dedicated her life to inspiring women to live their best lives and breaking free of the mold where we look outside of ourselves for what is right for us. Now being happily married and a mother to 5 beautiful boys, she has lived through and overcome being a self-proclaimed people pleaser and co-dependent perfectionist with no boundaries and in very unhealthy relationships. She now thrives in her new life and actively helps other women cultivate their own everyday.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Understand what a boundary is
  • Determine if you are lacking boundaries overall or in specific areas
  • Become better at establishing boundaries if necessary
  • Learn to look inside for what is right for you
  • Realize that there is no such thing as perfection
  • Find comfort in knowing that one’s life can drastically change with one tiny step/boundary at a time
  • Understand the correlation between boundaries and emotional intelligence
  • Start picturing yourself as more of a victor as opposed to a victim!

About Susie:

Susie Pettit is a mindfulness-based cognitive life coach and Founder of the Love Your Life School. After doing everything she thought she was supposed to be doing in life – getting a degree, getting married, having 3 amazing boys – she found herself in a very dark period of her life. She felt a low level hum of unhappiness, was enmeshed in codependent and narcissistic relationships, and used food and alcohol in unhelpful ways to cope. She felt overwhelmed with her situation and also guilty because “on the outside” everything looked good! Life coaching changed everything for her. It not only got her out of the darkness, it helped her leave toxic relationships, learn how to set boundaries to stop codependency, remove food and alcohol as triggers in her life, create a thriving business and present a model of marriage for her sons that she is proud of today. She can truly say that she loves her life and knows that’s possible for everyone hence, her ongoing drive to become your next best supporter!

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