Episode 6: How To Become CEO When You’re An Introvert with Imposter Syndrome

January 20, 2023

Allison DeLeone is not afraid of discomfort. She took the path less taken and bravely stepped into leadership and her role as President and CEO of The Production Network, an event production company on the cutting edge of Web 3. She leaned into a growth mindset to overcome imposter syndrome and the discomfort from being an introvert and a woman in a male-dominated environment. 

Are you holding yourself back or blazing a trail? Allsion and I talk about paving the way for future generations of brave women in the corporate and business world. Allison encourages curiosity and a growth mindset culture at her company, encouraging her employees to step up, and be open to the path ahead. Allison is paving the way for a new kind of leadership that’s more collaborative and cocreative. She shares that balance is essential in all areas of life and has learned to integrate  her work and family life. 

This episode is about taking the path less traveled and being present in the discomfort in order to thrive. It’s also about believing in yourself and creating an environment that supports that belief, and  being present in all aspects of your life and setting that example for your children and the next generation.

Allison DeLeone has made a career in an industry unknown or at least unseen to most. For over 25 years Allison has been behind the scenes of event production. She helps brands identify their goals and helps companies bring experiences to life for their audience and community. As an introvert, after being comfortable behind the scenes she became the CEO of The Production Network in Seattle. It was a leadership challenge she never considered and she found herself with imposter syndrome. As CEO she promotes learning and having a growth mindset. It’s her own growth mindset that has helped tame that imposter syndrome voice and fuel her new passion to bring her expertise and apply it to building experiences in Web3 and the metaverse.

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