Episode 59: UNPACKING WOMEN’S IMPACT ON THE FILM INDUSTRY with Directors, Alexandra Clayton and Michal Sinnott

November 8, 2023

Welcome to the dynamic team of Alexandra Clayton and Michal Sinnott as Kristina traverses their world as women filmmakers. Currently, touring the indie film festival circuit with their first feature film, Unpacking, which is garnering award after award, they jump into what it’s like being part of the 14% of female filmmakers in the world. Not only have they had to navigate Hollywood as an uphill battle being such a small minority on a macro level, they’ve also had to bravely push beyond fear to achieve their dreams on a micro level. Listening to their story, you’ll find yourself inspired by them and cheering them on. Keep going, ladies, keep going!

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Follow your dreams, no matter what
  • Understand what fear actually is: the sign to push through
  • Appreciate just how important and impactful women’s voices are
  • Recognize how indispensable supporting one another is and what a large part it plays in effecting change
  • Realize what you can do when you push through your own fear
  • Acknowledge that, at times, patience is required for growth
  • See that equality is at the center of, not only the healthy workplace, but also of a healthy society
  • Accept that “…bravery is not about not being afraid. It’s about being afraid and doing it anyway!” – Alexandra Clayton

About Michal and Alexandra:

Michal Sinnott is best known as the voice, likeness and performance capture artist for Tracey De Santa, one of the main characters  in the  billion dollar game, Grand Theft Auto V.Michal Sinnott is an award winning, classically trained actor/writer/director whose work in film, television, theatre, audio spaces, & games traverses mediums, genres, & locales. Her first narrative feature, ‘Unpacking,’ as a co/writer-director-producer is currently winning awards on the festival circuit. ‘Unpacking’ recently screened at Cinequest VR & Film Festival for their Bay Area premier. She’s appeared in dozens of plays and 50+ principal roles for radio, television and film on ABC, Sundance and The Whitney Museum of American Art and more. Her stage plays have received staged readings and awards in Virginia (Theater Virginia) and Los Angeles (The Blank Theatre). She’s in development on a variety of projects as a writer-director. 

Alexandra Clayton is a writer/director whose work leans into the earnest and awkward experience of being human. Her first narrative feature, ‘Unpacking’ as a co/writer-director-producer is winning awards on the 2023 festival circuit and garnering praise for its excellent ensemble acting. Filmed in Bali over 13 days on a micro budget, ‘Unpacking’ explores the hypocrisies of wellness tourism and the power of vulnerability. She’s directed/written/produced narrative shorts, web series, branded and documentary content for 10 years and will shoot 3 short films in 2024. Outside of her own projects she enjoys creative producing for early career directors.  She’s acted in films that have screened at over 30 festivals including Karlovy Vary, NYC’s Rooftop Films, and SF’s Cinema by the Bay, and streamed on Amazon and Kinoscope. A grounded optimist who thrives in the creation of original work, Alexandra believes the stories we tell create the culture we live in. 

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