Episode 47: Discover Your True Self: Spiritual Rituals for Self-Discovery and Guidance with Kelly Pender

September 7, 2023

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Explore how to effectively embrace your unique authenticity and cultivate inner wisdom for a gratifying life.
  • Decode the potential of spiritual tools, including oracle cards and rituals, as conduits towards self-awareness and introspection.
  • Chart the path towards defining and aligning with your genuine purpose, encouraging a more worthwhile life.
  • Turn the tides against the fear of failing, viewing it as a transformative opportunity to evolve and prosper.
  • Embrace the strategies to build self-compassion and courage as gateways to handle challenges and celebrate victories.

Kelly Pender is an uplifting and vibrant voice in the world of spiritual development. As a highly sought-after soul purpose and manifestation coach, she’s committed to helping individuals harness their inner powers and channel their authentic selves. Not all spiritual guides can introduce an enthusiastic, relatable approach to spirituality like Kelly. Her refreshing approach and empowering mindset have helped bring spiritual practices to those who may have felt disconnected previously. As the charismatic host of the Badass Babe Oracle podcast, she has propelled engaging discussions around self-discovery and spiritual transformation to the forefront. Her knowledge and her approach make her a relatable and insightful guide for those embarking on their spiritual journeys.

Kelly Pender, a seasoned yoga teacher turned Spiritual Mindset Coach, has transformed the lives of hundreds of women by helping them embrace their unique soul gifts and live unapologetically. After years of self-doubt and denial of her authentic self, a personal tragedy in 2019 led Kelly to confront her limiting beliefs and make a change.

As the founder of The Badass Babe Community and host of the Badass Babe Oracle podcast, Kelly has overcome challenges and thrived in her field. She embraced her personal power, stopped seeking external validation, and began living authentically. This shift allowed her to manifest significant personal and professional successes, including a soul-supportive partner, her first home, a dream car, a soul-aligned business, and a healthy son.

Kelly’s journey is a testament to the power of daily practice and energetic frequency in manifesting change. As a coach, she not only teaches these principles but also embodies them, serving as an inspiring example of the transformation possible when one embraces their authentic self.

Connect with Kelly:

Web https://kellypender.com/

Podcast https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/badass-babe-oracle/id1523703137?i=1000486979658

Facebook https://kellypender.com/podcast/www.facebook.com/iamkellypender/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/the_badassbabe/

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