Episode 44: Fighting for a Better Healthcare System with Maryjane Duquette

August 6, 2023

When a friend needed help understanding the medical aspects of a family law case, Maryjane Duquette saw an opportunity to combine her nursing skills with her passion for advocacy. By offering her expertise, she was able to help her friend and their attorney navigate the complexities of the case, ultimately achieving a favorable outcome for all parties involved. This experience sparked Maryjane’s interest in legal nurse consulting, allowing her to continue advocating for herself and others while providing valuable insight into the healthcare system. Her courage to challenge the status quo and trust her instincts continues to drive her mission of improving healthcare for everyone.
In this episode, you will be able to:
Learn about Maryjane’s journey to transform the healthcare landscape.
Understand why it’s crucial for nurses to address patient safety concerns.
Explore the role of Legal Nurse Consulting for effective patient representation.
Identify the impact of inadequate staffing and exhaustion on healthcare outcomes.
Assess the significance of robust support systems for nursing professionals and patients.

Maryjane Duquette is the Founder and Lead Consultant at MJD Legal Nurse Consulting and Host of The Just Culture Podcast. At the end of the day, Maryjane is just a nurse passionate about a safe and just healthcare system. Promoting true patient-centered care and positive workplace culture around the country.

Connect with Maryjane:

Web https://mjdlegalnurseconsulting.com/
LinkedIn http://linkedin.com/in/mj-duquette
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mjd_legal_nurse_consulting/

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