Episode 38: Unleash Your Bravery: Overcoming Fear with LaChelle Wieme

June 13, 2023

LaChelle Wieme’s journey towards purposeful action started unexpectedly when she noticed tired, baggy eyes one morning. Though it might have seemed trivial, this moment pushed LaChelle to research better skincare, leading her to an unexpected opportunity – starting an online business. Initially aiming for a discount on skincare products, LaChelle soon discovered a newfound passion for personal development and leadership, eventually realizing that she had unknowingly neglected her self-worth and inner desires. The online business became her chance to combine professional fulfillment with being a more present wife and mother, embracing the “And Life” concept and breaking free from the “either/or” mentality that often holds people back.
In this episode, you will be able to:
● Understand the value of prioritizing self-care, uncovering your true self, and staying authentic on your journey.
● Overpower your apprehensions and purposefully stride towards your aspirations.
● Recognize your unspoken wants, make decisive moves, and initiate actions that fuel
your prosperity.
● Investigate the synergy of quantum physics, neuroscience, and faith in enhancing
● Realize the rewards of working with a coach who considers every aspect of personal and
business development.

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