Episode 37: Embracing Vulnerability in Altered Motherhood: Jessica Patay’s Story

June 13, 2023

Jessica Patay’s journey began with the diagnosis of her son, Ryan, having Prader-Willi Syndrome. Amidst feelings of loneliness and heartache, Jessica and her husband found solace in support groups and other families dealing with similar situations. Embracing her passion for connection and community, she founded the organization We Are Brave Together to empower caregiving moms while preserving their mental health. Jessica’s experiences have taught her the importance of vulnerability and resilience, especially when life takes an unexpected turn.
In this episode, you will be able to:
● Unearth the vital role self-care plays in keeping caregivers mentally healthy.
● Explore the profound impact of camaraderie and shared experiences among
● Overcome the nervousness associated with raising funds for nonprofit
● Delve into the intertwined relationship of resilience and vulnerability in caregiving.
● Reveal the bravery behind taking incremental steps forward, even when faced
with fear.

Founder and Executive Director, Jessica Patay, is a mother, wife, and advocate for Caregiving Mothers of children with disabilities, mental health challenges, and all unique needs. She and her husband, Chris, reside in the Palos Verdes area of Southern California and have two sons
and a daughter. Their second son, Ryan, was born with a rare, medically complex genetic disorder called Prader-Willi syndrome. In 2017, Jessica launched a non-profit organization called We Are Brave Together, which focused on empowering, strengthening, and educating caregiver moms in their unique, diverse, and difficult journeys. Since then, We Are Brave Together has gracefully provided resources, respite, mentoring, and inspiration for moms caring for children or adult children of any age with any diagnosis, disability, or challenge, offering in-person and virtual support groups, workshops, retreats, and inspirational events for their growing troupe of 2,100 moms across 22 countries.

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