Episode 35: Hillary Peach: Shattering Stereotypes & Building Connections

June 2, 2023

Against all odds, Hilary Peach challenged the conventions of a male-dominated trade and found unexpected success in welding. But just when she thought her journey was complete, a twist of fate changed everything…

Hilary Peach, a young woman with a flair for the unconventional, found herself in the world of welding, a trade typically dominated by men. Undeterred by her challenges, Hilary was drawn to the craft after discovering her mentor, Denby, an artistic welder with a wealth of knowledge in various fields. Despite the skepticism and obstacles thrown her way, her stubbornness and determination to succeed saw her through. Hilary’s curiosity and passion for the trade led her to a memorable journey to Cold Strip, Montana, where she faced the challenge of passing a job test to secure work. The unwavering support from her newfound community gave her the motivation she needed to persevere and develop her skills, proving that sometimes the most unexpected paths can lead to the most fulfilling experiences.
In this episode, you will be able to:
Delve into the obstacles faced by women in trades predominantly filled by men.
Understand the importance of perseverance when tackling life’s challenges.
Acknowledge dangerous working situations present in the oil and gas sector.
Investigate the significance of pursuing curiosity and forging relationships within unique vocations.
Comprehend the structure and societal aspects of the trades profession.

Hilary Peach is a writer, recording artist, and producer of unusual art projects. She was a founder and the director of the Poetry Gabriola Festival, an infamous interdisciplinary performance event that presented many Canadian and international artists on Gabriola Island. She also worked as a transient welder for twenty years, traveling across Canada and the United States, working in pulp mills, chemical plants, refineries, and generating stations. In 2022 she released a memoir about this time, Thick Skin: Field Notes from a Sister in the Brotherhood (Anvil Press 2022). She has a collection of poetry, BOLT (Anvil Press 2019), and has released three audio-poetry projects, Poems Only Dogs Can Hear, Suitcase Local, and Dictionary of Snakes. Hilary Peach now works as a welding inspector and a Boiler Safety Officer, and is writing fiction.

Connect with Hilary:

Web https://www.hilarypeach.ca/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/hilary.peach

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/hilary.e.peach/

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