Episode 33: Be Brave in Finance: Lessons from Jennifer Markwell

May 10, 2023

After her beloved grandfather’s death and her disenchanting experience with financial advisors, Jennifer Markwell courageously dives into finance to empower other women and create a new narrative with money, an inspiring journey of self-discovery, grace, and bravery.

Jennifer Markwell’s life took an unexpected turn when her grandfather passed away, leaving her and her grandmother in a precarious financial situation. Little did she know that this tragedy would lead her on a journey of self-discovery and discovery of a greater purpose – empowering women through financial education. With her inspiring story, Jennifer proves that even the most challenging moments can bring about positive change.

Money is a tool for you to reach the goals that you want, whether that’s helping others, whether that’s getting additional time in your day to day, whatever that looks like. – Jennifer Markwell

In this episode, you will be able to:
Tap into the transformative power of finance education catered to women.
Discover the essentials of a trustworthy, communicative financial professional.
Demystify the realm of finance by addressing and correcting common misunderstandings.
Shape your financial strategy around personal risk profiles and distinctive aspirations.
Build self-reliance and assurance by adopting a fearless and authentic financial mindset.

Emmy nominated journalist, Jennifer Rogers Markwell, changed gears in her television career when she realized the need to help women and their finances. It started at home for Jennifer after her grandfather passed away and she wanted to help her grandmother make sense of investing. Now she regularly hosts educational workshops to empower women to take charge of their investments and anchors the “Platinum Talks Wealth” Podcast. She is also very active in both state & local communities. In addition to acting as President for Platinum Wealth Management, Jennifer currently serves as a State Commissioner for the Nevada Commission for Women and volunteers on the board for Girls Scouts of the Sierra Nevada. Jennifer Rogers Markwell was voted Sierra Nevada’s Top 20 Most Powerful Women by Northern Nevada Business View in both 2018 and 2019.
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