Episode 29: Unlocking Your Wild Woman Spirit with Kristen Bilodeau

April 14, 2023

He thought it was just an ordinary day, but little did he know it would turn into an unexpected adventure that would forever change his life. As he faced an unexpected twist, his heart raced with anticipation and fear of the unknown – what would happen next?
If you don’t remove what doesn’t serve you, you don’t make space for what does. – Kristen Bilodeau
My special guest is Kristen Bilodeau
Kristen Bilodeau, a passionate and nurturing soul, is the podcast host of Wild Woman Reborn. With a dedication to empowering women, Kristen leads others to embrace their wild spirit and uncover their hidden potential. As a mother of two boys, a coach, and a writer, she shares her own journey of vulnerability and growth, inspiring others to connect with their inner strength. Kristen believes in the power of podcasting to transform lives, as it has played a significant role in her own self-development journey.
This is Kristen Bilodeau’s story:
In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Explore personal transformation and the tools to conquer emotional hurdles for mental wellness.
  • Recognize the significance of self-care habits in shaping a woman’s day-to-day life.
  • Discover the rebirth of the wild woman archetype, celebrating genuine self-expression and inner power.
  • Learn the value of establishing deep connections and supportive networks for holistic healing.
  • Uncover the remarkable courage and tenacity of women through stories of vulnerability and growth.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:
Set a daily time limit for using social media, such as 20 minutes, to avoid getting lost in comparison and distractions. Prune your life by removing what doesn’t serve you, making space for what does, and focusing on your own growth and well-being. Turn to podcasting as an alternative to social media, allowing for personal development and inspiration through listening to others’ stories and experiences. Schedule time in your day to listen to podcasts, such as during your commute, while doing chores, or during downtime, to ensure consistent learning and growth. Start your own podcast by finding the courage within yourself and sharing your unique story, knowledge, and experiences with others. Limit your use of earbuds when listening to podcasts to maintain awareness of your surroundings, especially when outdoors or in public spaces. Download podcast episodes for offline listening while hiking or in areas with limited signal to continue your personal development journey. Listen to podcasts while doing mindless tasks, such as laundry, to make the most of your time and mental energy. Explore different podcast topics and genres to continuously learn and grow in various aspects of life, such as personal development, career, and relationships. Consider sharing your podcast listening habits and recommendations with friends and family to encourage them to embark on their own self-development journey.
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