Episode 26: Compassion over Comfort: Reframing Excuses & Taking Action

March 29, 2023

“Be stronger than your excuses. Power magnifies power. And as women, we could do it together.”

Charla Olson is a 42-year-old entrepreneur from Bismarck, North Dakota. She recently quit her job of five years and launched her podcast, Charlotte Grace, about women transitioning from one version of themselves to another and living life on their own terms.

Charla Olson had been working in a title company for five years when she decided to quit and pursue her own dreams. She launched a podcast, Charlotte Grace, to help women transition to living life on their own terms. After struggling to find the courage to make the changes she wanted to, Charla realized she needed to be stronger than her excuses and reframe her thoughts. Through her self-growth and development, she found the strength to take action. Charla has a message for all moms: it’s never too late to start over and live your dream life.
In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. How did Charla Olson gain the courage to make major life changes?
  2. What techniques can we use to reframe negative thoughts and take action?
  3. What are the rewards of taking time off to be a caregiver or stay-at-home parent?

Charla is a mom of two, a fitness and nutrition enthusiast, a positive mindset ambassador, and a soul having a human experience always hoping to love and serve better. She is from North Dakota and has had an assortment of jobs and life experiences that have provided her with wisdom and compassion for understanding others, and leaving judgment at the door. She knows where she comes from, who’s she is, and that her imperfections don’t overshadow her purpose and ability to rise above them each new day.

She is the host of from her to HER podcast, a show for anyone where stories from women and transformation professionals allow for everyone to feel heard, to feel inspired, and equipped for their transformations. She is working through her John Maxwell Leadership/DISC Certification and building her mentorship program. Stay tuned! Connect with her here: linktr.ee/CharlaGrace

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