Episode 22: Lia Lamela: Sparking a Brave Life & Supporting Women in Trades

March 17, 2023

So many people will feel like they’re living outside the box. If they’re not following what their social norm is, or cultural pressures. It’s important to have integrity to follow what’s right for you. So when we agree to everything, and we say yes to everything. We’re not being true to ourselves and who we really are. We’re not just hurting ourselves by doing that, we’re hurting the other person by creating this false appearance.

Lia Lamela is a community cultivator with a passion for the arts and engineering. After over a decade in medical esthetics, she traded in beauty treatments for an electrifying life of fixtures and electronics. Lia’s journey to success was not an easy one. She faced challenges from a young age, including bullying and struggles with reading out loud. Her dysfunctional family dynamic eventually collapsed during college, leading her to struggle with depression and attempt suicide multiple times. However, Lia refused to give up on herself and learned how to focus on getting back up. Today, Lia is committed to helping others find themselves, build community, and find mentorship. She believes that no one should have to struggle alone as she once did. Join her mission to collaborate and build a compass towards self-discovery!

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