Episode 20: Unlocking Strength: Darcy Corcoran’s Best Bad Idea Part 1

March 10, 2023

Gen X Women: Overachievers, Achievement Machines, and on the Brink of a Nervous Breakdown–until She Found True Love.

Here’s what I cover with Darcy Corcoran in this episode:

1. How Darcy Corcoran escaped poverty by joining the military and becoming a federal employee.

2. Darcy’s journey of developing her mental and emotional strength to achieve her goals.

3. How Darcy’s reconnection with her now husband helped her realize her mental and emotional struggles.

Darcy Corcoran is a veteran who spent 22 years in the Department of Defense, culminating as a federal civilian. She has honed her leadership and emotional intelligence skills in training and has over 20 years of experience helping various types of clients, from business executives to combat veterans, break through mental and emotional blocks to live their fully inspired potential.

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