Episode 19: Breaking Shame: Unmaking Me & Rebuilding Connections

March 10, 2023

Driven by society’s expectations, Melanie Welch, MD strives to balance her professional ambition with her own internal truth, a journey of self-discovery filled with guilt, shame, and ultimately, self-compassion.

You will learn:

1. How Can Shame Lead to Connection?

2. What Does Self-Compassion Have to Do With Our Pressure to Live Up to External Standards?

3. How Can We Achieve a Balance Between Resilience and Processing Emotions?

Dr. Melanie Welsh is a medical doctor and coach on a journey of pushing herself just a little bit out of her comfort zone each day. She hosts the podcast Unmaking Me with Melanie Welsh, MD, which explores topics such as shame, vulnerability, judgment, and putting ourselves out there even when we’re messy and imperfect.

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