Episode 18: Finding Faith in the Darkest of Places

March 2, 2023

After enduring a life of childhood adversity and an abusive relationship, Symone Fairchild discovers strength and resilience within herself as she fights for justice and her own survival.
“It’s the ones that keep going that get it.” – Symone Fairchild
Symone Fairchild is an actress, model, screenwriter, producer, director, master of Kung Fu, and domestic violence survivor. She is the founder and CEO of EyeOnDV, a movement to eradicate domestic violence, and is a light to this world.

Symone Fairchild was raised to be tough and independent through her martial arts training but was still hurt by the bullying she experienced in school. She was molested as a child, but when she tried to reach out for help, an adult didn’t listen or take her seriously. As an adult, she entered what seemed to be a perfect relationship, but it quickly turned into a narcissistically abusive relationship, with financial, spiritual, physical, sexual, mental, and psychological abuse. Despite the abuse, with the help of a mother figure and best friend, she eventually escaped.
In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. How Martial Arts Developed Grit and Empathy in Symone Fairchild: Learn how martial arts training from a young age instilled grit, empathy and a sense of responsibility for others in Symone Fairchild.
  2. Surviving an Abusive Relationship: Hear how Symone Fairchild endured an abusive relationship and the difficult journey to her eventual freedom.
  3. The Average Time it Takes to Leave an Abusive Relationship: Find out the average number of attempts it takes for survivors of abuse to leave their abuser and the power of having a support system in place.

Symone Fairchild hails from the Washington D.C. area and was raised in the martial arts, obtaining a 2nd-degree black belt in Northern Shaolin Kung-Fu. She has an entrepreneurial spirit coursing through her veins which affords her a “pick yourself up by the bootstraps” type of tenacity. She is a daughter of God, a single mom to the most awesome and exuberant little boy on the face of the planet, and a screenwriter. What has captured her heart, though, aside from God and her son, is acting. She now knows that it is from acting as a platform and surviving domestic violence that God has meant for her to help and love others. She has braved the terrifying and constant storms of healing and reinventing, emotional rollercoasters, building a foundation for life for her and her son from absolutely nothing, being shocked by the archaic and emotionally/mentally abusive environment of the “justice system,” and navigating other subtle abuses in her life. Now that her mission is clear, she will never stop fighting for others and never stop fighting for her son. 

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