Episode 16: Radiating an Authentic Light: Tap Into Your Purpose

March 2, 2023

When Jen Roth, a driven entrepreneur raised in the golf industry, encounters the curiosity of a traditional work week, she sets out on a mission to create an online tea company that helps women in their journey towards motherhood, uncovering the power of her own silent strength and learning how to be her own coach.

“When we truly tap into what we came here to do, we radiate a different light and show up in one of the most authentic ways. And we get to hold space for one another in that and come from a place of non-judgment.” – Jen Roth

Jen Roth is the CEO of Birds and Bees Teas, an organic tea company for expecting moms, and a Clarity Coach and Podcast host of Manifesting Clarity. She believes that when we tap into our true purpose, we radiate a different light and show up as our most authentic selves.

Jen Roth was raised by entrepreneurial parents and her journey led her to the realization that she needed to do something different with her life. She discovered Clarity Coaching, which guided her through a process to help her find her own light and trust her own inner guidance. Through this process, she learned to become more connected with her heart and show up more fully in her life. With each choice point, she moved closer to her destiny and discovered the power of powerful partnership. She now celebrates the successes of her life and continues to share her light with the world.
In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. How does a seven day work week look like for an entrepreneur?
  2. How can we tap into our own homeopathic dose of light to become our own coach and follow our own GPS system?
  3. What is the power behind powerful partnerships in achieving our goals and creating momentum?

Jen Roth is passionate about connection, and health, helping professionals and entrepreneurs determine their next steps and empowering them to make intentional choices. She founded Birds and Bees Teas with a vision to help women care for themselves in natural and healthy ways, successfully taking it from a start-up to serving hundreds of thousands of women and their families. Jen also works as a Clarity Coach, supporting people in finding more joy and clarity in their lives.

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