Episode 10: Raising a Magical Child : Rain Stickney’s Brave Journey

February 17, 2023

When Rain Stickney found out she was pregnant, she was determined to keep her baby despite medical odds, and despite her child’s rare genetic difference, she embraced their journey of believing in their magical path and ultimately saved his sight.
“Believe in the journey of the child, that the child is a person and that person has a unique path in this world. And all we have to do, and all we get to do as parents is just help that child live their best life, whatever that may be.” – Rain Stickney
Rain Stickney is the owner of Raine Elizabeth Healing Arts, a counselor, meditation instructor, and podcast host of Every Moment Is Sacred. She is a ray of sunshine, radiating love and healing, and has been learning how to be brave and live her best life.

Rain Stickney and her partner found out they were expecting a baby and were filled with joy, but the doctors were very concerned about the life growing inside of her. Despite the uncertain outlook, Rain felt a strong connection to the spirit growing within her and never hesitated in her decision to keep her baby. Despite the medical community’s concerns, her son was born with six toes on his right foot and was a magical child from the start. Rain has been faced with difficult decisions throughout his life, but she has always put her trust in her heart and her son’s unique path. She found joy in the small moments, like when her son asked what to do with a birthday gift and heard his dreams tell him he could do anything he wanted with the money.

Rain Elizabeth is a spiritual counselor and meditation teacher in private practice who has been offering her services of presence and healing for over 15 years. Beginning in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, she now lives on the east coast moving from pandemic online offerings back into in person sessions and groups. Rain holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with special studies in Biofeedback and Somatics. She also has a Masters degree in East West Psychology with a Certificate in Expressive Arts Consulting and Education. Her life work is the continual integration of the four pillars of human experience: body, mind, heart, and spirit. Rain’s favorite spiritual tradition is Advaita Vedanta, and she has explored many others as well. Resting in presence, she loves hiking through her 52 acres of wild land, adventuring with her son, and cuddling up with her life partner as they all learn and grow together over time. Her unique offering is based in compassion for all that is.

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