How do you learn to live life to the fullest? In this episode, I’m talking with fellow brave woman and podcast host Michelle Corrigan Rios. She is a motivational speaker, award-winning communications leader and writer.

Michelle talks about getting over perfectionism, listening to her inner voice, and her discovery that all of her external achievements were only leading to temporary happiness. After spending some time away from work to travel and reconnect with her spirituality, Michelle realized that she was being called to live life differently. This episode is about growth, courage to make changes, and how joy is found within.

Michelle Rios is a sought-after motivational speaker, award-winning communications leader & writer, and corporate executive. In her more than 25-year career, she has coached CEOs and individuals alike to optimize their performance, enhance team engagement, and live their best lives. Her latest role is the host of the Live Your Extraordinary Life podcast. When not public speaking, podcasting, or traveling, Michelle enjoys spending time at home in northern Virginia with her husband, 15-year-old son, and two Great Pyrenees dogs.

What would you do if you were faced with becoming a full-time caregiver? 2022 was a tough year for Natalie Elliott Handy. In March her husband was diagnosed with cancer. In April she was made CEO of Intercept Health. Thankfully, as of October 2022, her husband is now cancer free. In the midst of all this Natalie and her two sisters decided to start up a podcast called “Confessions of a Reluctant Caregiver”.
(They are caregivers to their mother, who has Parkinson’s disease)

Natalie and Kristina talk about the experience of caregiving- feeling isolated, guilty, and overwhelmed.
Natalie is one of those people who opens her heart to the world, and when things get tough, she just opens it wider. This is a story of renewed faith, the power of prayer, and finding courage in the face of adversity. It’s also about God’s perfect timing and finding a renewed faith in God in New York City during her husband’s cancer treatments.

Natalie Elliott Handy, MSW, a seasoned healthcare executive with a passion for serving others. Ms. Handy is the Chief Executive Officer at Intercept Health, a behavioral and mental health company based out of Richmond, Virginia. Serving on the executive team since 2013, Natalie is responsible for ensuring Intercept’s 675 plus employees provide the highest quality services to the 1500 plus lives served every week. Throughout Ms. Handy’s 24+ years in the health and human services industry, she has worked with children and their families, partnering with local and state level government agencies and community organizations, to meet critical mental and behavioral health needs. She takes pride in being seen as a mental health concierge, helping families and agencies navigate the system to find the most appropriate service. When gaps in the continuum are identified, Natalie responds by creating new services and programs. She believes in the power of advocacy, using her voice and position to bring macro level change on the local, state, and federal levels, serving on committees, task forces, planning groups, and boards. In August 2022, she was honored to be appointed by Governor Glenn Youngkin to serve on the State Executive Council for Children’s Services. Natalie has a passion for training, offering education and information to positively impact others, both internally and to the community at large.

In September 2022, Natalie, with her sisters J.J. Elliott-Hill and Emilie Elliott founded Sisterhood of Care, an organization offering caregivers a safe place to relate, learn, be inspired, find hope, and obtain the critical resources needed to support their loved one while also maintaining their sense of self. Natalie and J.J. formally launched their website and blog, Confessions of a Reluctant Caregiver, in October 2022, followed by their Confessions podcast in January 2023.

Natalie received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Hollins College and Master of Social Work at West Virginia University. Originally from outside Knoxville, TN, Natalie has over twenty-four years of experience in the mental health field and has worked primarily with children and adolescents. Natalie currently lives in Roanoke, Virginia with her husband Jason and fur children, Winston the Bulldog and Daisy the Beagle.

How do you create a habit of making your ‘yes’ a Hell Yes? Kristi Nellor is a Soul Consultant, a creative, an author, and the host of The Hell Yes! Habit podcast.

Kristi and I talk about how she spent her whole life being an ‘A’ student, doing all the right things and gaining all the accolades that go with it, but at the end of the day, the internal satisfaction level wasn’t there. She recognized that she had been living a life based on the ideals of a masculine society and needed to find the bravery to let go of those constructs, embrace the feminine and create a balance between the two. She chose to step into entrepreneurship and growth and step onto a new path of self-evolution – recovering from perfectionism and the need to have everything look a certain way. She may not know the answers, but she is trusting the process and committing to the end result.

This episode is about recognizing that perfectionism is actually high-functioning anxiety and the way out is through a brave commitment to choosing your own path, learning to say no when you mean it, and, learning that when you say yes, make it a Hell Yes!

Kristi Nellor is a Soul Consultant for inner and outer beauty, a reinvention strategist, empowerment and mindset coach, creative director, artist, maker, designer, and creativity catalyst for companies, teams and individuals looking to transform their impact, messaging, mindsets, and lives. She is also an inspirational speaker, international best-selling author, and podcaster with a focus on saying yes to yourself and living your best life on your own terms. Kristi works closely with clients to identify roadblocks, zero in on their unique essence and soul, define core values that inspire creative action, and build an intentional roadmap to breathe life into any vision. Every facet of her work strives to help unlock possibility and is rooted in creative thinking, collaboration, community, intention, and self expression. Relying on the dynamic principles of the design process, gentle yet effective techniques for radical self care and rapid transformation, and her deep belief that creativity always saves the day, Kristi creates the safe space within which ideas grow, joy and play resumes, creativity springs, intentional action flows in with ease, and rapid transformation emerges inside and out. She guides individuals to safely release what is in their way, empowering them to find their golden thread, to create, reinvent, test, and rebound like a boss and ultimately grow the confidence to find their voice inside and boldly live it out loud.

Kristi offers 1:1 and team coaching, creative workshops, intensives, personal branding services, monthly masterminds, reinvention and styling sessions, retreats, and consults with entrepreneurs and companies to harness the power of innovation and creative alchemy to realize the visions they desire. Currently, she is launching a multi-Author book project to help people develop their story and become a published author in 2023!

How do you rebuild when life blindsides you? Toni Hill is the mother to a beautiful six-year-old, a loan officer and Team Leader at Movement Mortgage, and an unexpected divorcée.

Toni and I talk about how her life was turned upside down when her now ex-husband blindsided her with divorce and how she found herself in a dark time in her life. Toni uprooted her life to follow her husband from Pennsylvania to Virginia. She quickly embraced her new life and her husband’s family and friends. But when her husband announced their separation, everyone connected to her husband quickly abandoned her. With her own family and friends far away and her life shattered, she had to build a new life on her own bravely.

This episode is about bravely course-correcting when life blindsides you and rebuilding yourself, your relationships, and your community of support.

Toni Hill is a loan officer and team leader at Movement Mortgage. She is the divorced mom of a six-year-old daughter and lives in Ashburn, Virginia.