Welcome to the She’s Brave Podcast with Kristina Driscoll where we answer the question: What is the definition of a brave woman?  With each episode of my podcast, I have been digging deeper into the question of mine. Each time I interview my guests, I find that each has gone through huge shifts that required them to uncover their courage, develop their resilience, and embrace their bravery. What bravery means to each of them is different, but each experience has the power to not only change the course of their own lives, but those who are willing to listen and learn from them.

Kristina Driscoll podcast host

Kristina Driscoll

I am your host and fellow Brave Woman, Kristina Driscoll. I share conversations with incredible women worldwide. My podcast is about being part of a community that’s learning to be fearless together and living a resilient life on your terms. Whether it’s overcoming fears, chasing dreams, or navigating life changes, each episode will inspire and empower you to be brave in your own unique way.

At She’s Brave Podcast, we believe that being brave isn’t about being fearless; it’s about facing our fears head-on and taking action despite them. We are dedicated to celebrating the stories of women who have overcome challenges and found the courage to pursue their passions and live a life full of purpose.

Join us Brave Women on this journey as we share real and raw conversations with women from all walks of life – entrepreneurs, artists, activists, mothers, athletes – anyone who has faced adversity and come out stronger because of it. Each episode is an opportunity to learn from these incredible women and discover valuable insights.